Life, Love and Talmud in Medieval France


Book III RACHEL - The dramatic final book in the epic trilogy

Rachel is Salomon’s favorite and adored by her husband, Eliezer. But everything she holds dear is threatened as the marauders of the First Crusade massacre the Jews of Germany and her father suffers a stroke. Eliezer wants them to move to the safety of Spain, but Rachel is determined to stay in France and help her family save the Troyes yeshiva, the only remnant of the great Talmud academies.

A stunning achievement. You will not be able to put this book down, and may even find yourself rushing off to study Talmud. --Judith Hauptman, Professor of Talmud and Rabbinic Culture, Jewish Theological Seminary; author of Rereading the Rabbis, A Woman’s Voice.



Book II MIRIAM - The engrossing historical series continues

Having no sons, Salomon continues to teach his daughters the intricacies of the Talmud in an era when such scholarship for women was unheard of. Miriam, a midwife and a mohel—performing circumcisions—cannot foresee how she will be tested. Especially when a handsome and learned suitor arrives in Troyes, one who struggles with a secret that, if revealed, would expose them both to ruin.

“Anton delivers a tour de force with this second book … [Readers] will fly through the pages and come away wishing for more.”-- Library Journal, starred review



Book I JOHEVED - The book that started it all

In 1068, the scholar Salomon ben Isaac returns home to take over the family winemaking business and embark on a path that will indelibly influence the Jewish world—writing the first Talmud commentary, and teaching it to his daughters. Joheved, her mind and spirit awakened, knows the risk and keeps her learning hidden. When she weds, must she choose between marital happiness and her love of Talmud?

"A forceful novel of the power of learning, faith, and the two sides of love.” -- Midwest Book Review
"This carefully researched work of fiction provides a rare glimpse into the little-known medieval Jewish world in which Rashi lived and worked."
--Naomi Ragen, author of The Covenant and The Ghost of Hannah Mendes

Secret Scholar


Prequel SECRET SCHOLAR - for ages 9-14

Joheved has a secret … she is no ordinary girl. Smart and independent, her life changes when her father, Salomon ben Isaac, begins teaching her Talmud. But Joheved hides her passion for learning - even from her betrothed. How long can she continue her deception and what will happen when, inevitably, her scholarship is revealed?

“Teenage readers will relate to Joheved as she questions her society’s expectations, seeks love, and grows into adulthood.” --Deborah Bodin Cohen, rabbi and author of Lilith’s Ark: Teenage Tales of Biblical Women (National Jewish Book Award Winner).

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