August 06, 2023

Rockower Award winner

I just learned that I received a 2023 Rockower Award, otherwise known as the Jewish Pulitzers. And what is a Rockower Award you may ask, as I did? Briefly, in 1979, as a century tribute to him by his sons, the Rockower family created the Simon Rockower Jewish Journalism Awards to honor him and his deep love for the craft of Jewish Journalism. These prestigious awards honor achievements in Jewish media. Awards were presented at the 42nd Annual Simon Rockower Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the American Jewish Press Association’s 2023 Annual Conference, July 11, 2023, in New Orleans, LA.

My award was in Division B. Magazines and Monthly Newspapers.
First Place: Jewish Currents, Brooklyn, NY “Under the hood” by Zoé Samudzi.
Second Place: Lilith Magazine, New York, NY “Mama lives on” by my friend and colleague, Ilana Kurshan. Click here to view her submission.

Last but not least, I received Honorable Mention Award for Excellence in Arts — Review/Criticism for my book review of "Dirshuni: Contemporary Women's Midrash" in
Moment Magazine, Washington, DC, “Studying Talmud with Beruriah." Click here to view mysubmission.

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